Asortie is one of the most luxurious brands of furniture in Turkey and in the world, because we have showroom in Serbia, Russia and Ukraine.
For more than half century, the company has been producing high quality, classic, luxury and comfortable furniture that are totally hand-made with long lasting design that are made with the highest quality of wood, leather and exclusive materials such as gold and Silver.
We design according to our customers opinions and desire.
Asortie exports everywhere in the world that why our customers of 46 countries can testify their satisfaction.
We are targeting Africa, because the most of our customers are African.
So, I call all African to come to Asortie for their furniture shopping.
Because we sell all the accessories of home.
For more models, please check our link or we will be pleased to make you visit our showroom.
In Asortie our customers are kings and queens!